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Viscerotonic the KeemStar of DA (update)
Ok I swore to myself I would not get involved, but after today just seeing how you did what you just did (Will explain in the rant) I have to give my two cents on someone who deserves to get shitted on, and that's our lovely friend here :iconviscerotonictsf:  If you're going to unblock just to comment and try to cover yourself go ahead. You're exposing yourself here in the open
Do not attack her, let's be the bigger people. I want you all to make your decision from what you read here, and the sources I provide.
For more information, please check Youtube, Vis's profile herself, and the Encyclopedia Dramatica page for Viscerotonic 
 Now for those who have been following what I have been posting for these past few months, should know some of what has happened, but I'll go into full detail.
Vis, Viscerotonic, edgy silver fox girl. We all know her by many names, and she's one of the sorry excuses for an artist here, people are probably ask "Well what can you say on Vis that o
:iconvivipops:vivipops 9 9
You're Never Going To Change
From the looks of this title you're thinking something is about to happen or something did happen previously seconds ago, minutes ago, hours ago or days ago. Yes, something terribly stupid and ridiculous happened hours ago last night. But we'll get into that later on while I perform my skills by reviewing and putting my little 2-cents in. In the case of it I'm about to get on someone's “edgy” ass in a matter of seconds. Ohoho- yes the keyword “edgy” triggered you there didn't it? Before I begin, just to remind you all, some of the information you may not agree with so please don't attack me for it. Be sure to read EVERYTHING before choosing sides.

Let's begin shall we?

This user I'm about to reveal is the most
:iconminxthecheetah:Minxthecheetah 18 55
work in progress :iconvelicatsf:VelicaTSF 5 0
Please Listen.
I just got an email from a concerned parent. Her daughter has an account on DA, and apparently she copies and traces my drawings. I looked on her profile and confirmed that, yes, she did trace and gave minimal (sometimes no) credit. The reason her mother messaged me was because a few people were apparently sending her harsh messages asking her to give credit. She even got a few death threats.
Listen...I'm going to say this all again because I guess it needs reiterating: When it comes to my art, I do not mind young artists copying or tracing my drawings in hopes of developing their skills, or because they are still learning the way of things. If you see someone posting a traced or heavily referenced drawing that does not mention the original picture, please DO NOT immediately jump to aggression.   If something like this (art theft/style theft) really gets on your nerves, then I understand why you might be angry upon seeing it, but you must find the maturity to take a breath, and
:iconriverspirit456:RiverSpirit456 1,183 759
-First Date- :iconxwinter-paradisex:XWinter-ParadiseX 6 0
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myself clone like black africain!? :iconbeast-crystal:beast-crystal 5 15
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Everybody, this is very important
one of my friend :iconxwinter-paradisex: is Banned on DA
Idk who banned her, but she say that the reason she got banned because of some Copyright issues
Winter herself say that Vis banned her.
Unknown (1) by naruto9988
So anyone who see this, be sure to mention everybody because this was not unneeded for her to be banned.
:iconkellysquee: :iconrottenwendigo: :iconkyrrahtw:
Yeah, you say that when you made you "last" kyrrah rant livestream, including the "suicide" status.
You're ain't slick chick.
stop trying to hide the mess you made

:iconbrokendeer: :iconkellysquee: :iconxwinter-paradisex: Can you believe this Bullshit?
Welp, it's nearing the end of the month, let's start out fresh shall we?

No more drama for a while? I'll try to avoid it, i'm in a good mood, and I wanna become more involved with my fans and followers.

So, let's get started with questions to get involved:

What's your favorite color scheme, and (if you draw) what art program do you use and how did you come across it?
Okay, question: Why is your WIP drawing of Bambi look different than your finished Bambi?
I'll tell you why cause you trace the finished one and try to redraw them as a WIP so it would see hat you actually drew them.
like I say, fucking pathetic 
How to draw: Bambi
Hint of advice: Make the linework a dark brown. Keep the tips of the ears, the eyelashes, and the pupils black though.
Art by VicerotonicTSF/Viscerotonic
Bambi clearly owned by Disney 
Do Not Steal, Trace, Edit, Re-post, Recolor, Copy, Claim this image as yours, Screenshot, Sell, Or make a base from my art.
*All Rights Reserved*


Qazawsxs2 or Andrew Acker
United States
I am Animator in YouTube, and very shy and like-able person.
I am not an Artists, but I am a animator and a spriter
You can check out my YouTube account, Hope you enjoy!!!

Get your own CrushTag!

Give me points?…
The Topic that I will be talking about, It's happened many months ago, like around January and February. I also will not be mention some people that I will talk about, reason because of that is I don't wanna have to rememorize them what happen, that and also some of these people already learned their lesson I just need to prove a point about the topic that I'm talking about. I also don't wanna post screenshot, because at this rate I'll be here all day writing this trying to find the proof

Without further rambling, I'll get to the point.

When this is happening
So many months ago, a user named ShadeThe2nd have stolen a famous sonic animator names Vic sprite sheet, Vic told him to take it down, but he didn't really take it down, he basically asks Vic to friend him on Discord. He also tried to frame other people for giving him a sheet, but he fails very quickly, he didn't still Vic Sprite sheet. He also got JohnTB, David, and other private sprite sheets, and he didn't even use them in his animation. Hell, he even says that he gonna recolor Vic and David sprite sheet and claim it as his.
After awhile, we have to deal with another user that posted Vic sprite sheet names Ainn.PNG, I think that he posted it as a joke, but he also got banned from a group that he in.
After that happen, one of my friend's name Leon tell him about it, and it makes Vic very sad to the point where he lost all of his motivation to animate.
He even says at one point that he may have to recreate Vic and.

That moment when I got really mad
After Vic say this, I got really mad to the point where I was arguing to my favorite sonic animator.
I told him that recreating Vic is just a waste of time, The whole purpose of Private is basically never showing it to the group, to your friend, basically to anyone.
But if you post that shit online whenever it a JPG or an animation, people have the app to create the hair just by looking at them, and able to recreate the sheet, and most of that app is free., Paint, Gimp, ASEprite, anything is free whenever it a torrent or not.
Even Vic agreed with me and show a Pic of Election in a JPG and someone says that he will edit it to make it useable!

Andrew you're just jealous that you don't have Vic currently Sprite sheet
Yes, I am....When I was little.
When I was about 14-15 years old, one time that i asked Vic can I use his character sprite sheet even though I didn't know how to use flash at the time nor I know how to animate?
I thought in my young stupid head that if I have Vic Sprite sheet, I thought that I would be Vic friend even though me and him have never talked to each other until we did a collab with each other along with another animator (which is btw, is bliss-taken to work together with your favorite animator)
But nowaday, I really don't care. As long I got a character and I got the person who owned the sheet permission, I will use it as an animation. If Vic doesn't trust me, I can't blame him

It not just Sonic sprite sheet
The same case of Maplestory and other custom Sprite sheet, if people have enough sprite skill to the point where it decent, people can look at the character sprite and re-sprite re-edited it and reuse it. Simple as that.

more issues about private Sprite sheet
It's a shame that people have to make their sheet private, but get mad/sad when you see someone use it.
Like, Private is basically keeping your secret from anyone including the one that you love.
and I know that Private is defined and I quote; "belonging to or for the use of one particular person or group of people only." But at this point, you can't trust anyone. You may as well use private for your own, but even then like I say before, people have to power and the app to re-edit the sheet ASAP, I mean, you may as well not use the sheet if you don't want it to be stolen.

If anyone is a spriter and wanted to put the sheet on private. Save yourself the drama and post it on public. Because it bound to be found, it bound to be posted, and it bound to be stolen and be recolored.
I think many people have yet to realize that this is the internet where it filled with dumbasses troll, but it also filled with some really smart troll.
If you create a sheet and put it on private mode, don't post it anywhere, as a Pic, as an animator or anything. I mean you can make it as a drawing, but my point still stand.
Making a private sheet is just another way to cause more drama, and if you trying to avoid drama, making sheet private isn't gonna help you.

That all I have to say.


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