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Trolling, Fandoms, the World, and the DA Community
Special thanks to  Kiran Lightpaw for opening up my mind.
So there seems to be an issue that is still ongoing in the Deviantart Community. Whether these deviants are mentally challenged in their minds or just punk ass children seeking for trouble is another question, but as of now,  I am going to take these deviants seriously and assume that they actually believe in things such as National Socialism and Equal Respect. After all, telling people to kill themselves, encouragement of the fetish of hanging people, and worshiping the anti-christ, you would think that you'll get away with something such as this correct?
Well, that depends.
More into detail though, this journal is mostly based on the increase of trolling and antisocial behavior that is continually spreading at a rapid pace on this website. I've seen many..many people discussing in journals or even confronting me about the term of ignoring th
:iconmimi-diggz:Mimi-Diggz 40 26
Maddie Dessine :icongoddess-laurence:goddess-laurence 2 0 No Mercy :icondoodlef0x:DoodleF0X 9 4 .edit: naruto9988 :iconjokerjenny:JokerJenny 8 5 Bad vs Good BATIM OC {TWISTY} :icongaru-pics-and-shtuff:Garu-Pics-and-Shtuff 7 20 Ask 1: is this cute enough :iconcherrychan013:cherrychan013 5 5 My Pear X3 :iconemmarosero:EmmaRoseRo 7 0 Lets talk it out :iconnixthedarling:NixTheDarling 13 131 Be what you like :iconnixthedarling:NixTheDarling 28 5 Help Everyone you can :iconnixthedarling:NixTheDarling 15 2 Princess/Queen Galaxia (Sketch) :iconemmaranter:EmmaRanter 3 1
Viscerotonic the KeemStar of DA (update)
Ok I swore to myself I would not get involved, but after today just seeing how you did what you just did (Will explain in the rant) I have to give my two cents on someone who deserves to get shitted on, and that's our lovely friend here :iconviscerotonictsf:  If you're going to unblock just to comment and try to cover yourself go ahead. You're exposing yourself here in the open
Do not attack her, let's be the bigger people. I want you all to make your decision from what you read here, and the sources I provide.
For more information, please check Youtube, Vis's profile herself, and the Encyclopedia Dramatica page for Viscerotonic 
 Now for those who have been following what I have been posting for these past few months, should know some of what has happened, but I'll go into full detail.
Vis, Viscerotonic, edgy silver fox girl. We all know her by many names, and she's one of the sorry excuses for an artist here, people are probably ask "Well what can you say on Vis that o
:iconvivipops:vivipops 11 9
You're Never Going To Change
From the looks of this title you're thinking something is about to happen or something did happen previously seconds ago, minutes ago, hours ago or days ago. Yes, something terribly stupid and ridiculous happened hours ago last night. But we'll get into that later on while I perform my skills by reviewing and putting my little 2-cents in. In the case of it I'm about to get on someone's “edgy” ass in a matter of seconds. Ohoho- yes the keyword “edgy” triggered you there didn't it? Before I begin, just to remind you all, some of the information you may not agree with so please don't attack me for it. Be sure to read EVERYTHING before choosing sides.

Let's begin shall we?

This user I'm about to reveal is the most
:iconminxthecheetah:Minxthecheetah 22 59
Please Listen.
I just got an email from a concerned parent. Her daughter has an account on DA, and apparently she copies and traces my drawings. I looked on her profile and confirmed that, yes, she did trace and gave minimal (sometimes no) credit. The reason her mother messaged me was because a few people were apparently sending her harsh messages asking her to give credit. She even got a few death threats.
Listen...I'm going to say this all again because I guess it needs reiterating: When it comes to my art, I do not mind young artists copying or tracing my drawings in hopes of developing their skills, or because they are still learning the way of things. If you see someone posting a traced or heavily referenced drawing that does not mention the original picture, please DO NOT immediately jump to aggression.   If something like this (art theft/style theft) really gets on your nerves, then I understand why you might be angry upon seeing it, but you must find the maturity to take a breath, and
:iconriverspirit456:RiverSpirit456 1,521 1,232
-First Date- :iconxwinter-paradisex:XWinter-ParadiseX 9 0
Mature content
myself clone like black africain!? :iconbeast-crystal:beast-crystal 5 15


Do anyone got any tutorial how to draw hair, specifically long hair
I'm trying to draw something for a watcher, but i just can't do it
Sometime I wonder how people was able to draw their hair so well lol
Butter-trolling B-day Art
*GASO* What this? A digital Art?
Yup, i just got my drawing tablet today and the first drawing that i did is for :iconbutter-trololing:
When i heard that her birthday is coming next week, i may as well do something for her since She is a great person
And yes this is the first time that I draw with a tablet.....or draw overall- ANYWAY
It doesn't matter, what does matter that hopefully butter love this art even though it look like a 6 year old that drew it
Over all, i hope you guys like it, including Butter herself.

And give you guys like to give me tips
please put them on the comment below.
I'm just gonna point this out before I do anything else

So last night, I've had a horrible headache, I tried to go to sleep but I kept thinking over many thing in my head and i was feeling hurt
Until I check on my DA and see this
Ss+(2017-04-19+at+10.38.50) by naruto9988
:iconjokerjenny: Came out of nowhere and give me this comment in like 12:15 in the morning.
and while I was looking at this, I can feel my headache just went away, and I was grateful for it
So Jenny if you seeing this (then again I did mention you lol)
I just wanted to say, thank you.
You are a really good friend and hopefully, we can interact some more.


Qazawsxs2 or Andrew Acker
United States
I am Animator in YouTube, and very shy and like-able person.
I am not an Artists, but I am a animator and a spriter
You can check out my YouTube account, Hope you enjoy!!!

Get your own CrushTag!

Give me points?…
NOTE: The people that I will Talk about and mention, Do not attack these users, if you wanted to talk to them, please be more mature about it and talk to them like you got some sense.

Now I don't know if I'm late or not, BUT it seems there is a new user that goes by the names :iconx-sugary-vaccine-x:
When I went to check on her account it seem that it got some Art that seems similar to another user (that I won't mention because she don't want to be mention)
Now, I have a chance to make a rant about her, but since I have NO idea who or what this person is, but I do have a theory that Sugary could be a troll
I'm not saying that she is, but I'm just gonna give some idea for you guys about how she could possibly be a troll

I'll also be making a mini, not to Sugary, but to another user who did a very bad thing to my friend :iconbluhibsicus:

So without further ado
Let do this.

Theory that x-sugary-vaccine-x could possibly be a troll
Now I'm sure that everyone should know how a troll work, a troll usually harass a specific user, steal/trace/recolor their art and trying to denied that it was stolen with a lack of effort of defending themselves. 
Well, thanks to x-sugary-vaccine-x, It seems that she doing a good job possibly being a troll.
Ss+(2017-04-17+at+03.44.35) by naruto9988
Ss+(2017-04-17+at+03.44.45) by naruto9988
As you can see, she says the word "leave me alone" much time, like more times than my lack of motivations
It seems that she haven't had the courage to defend herself with the accusation of her recoloring and tracing arts from other users.
Not only that but when she DOES defend herself, she does it in a very poorly way. (in my opinion)
Ss+(2017-04-17+at+03.42.23) (1) by naruto9988
not only that she say "But I drew/draw that" but she types the word like she never went to school before.
I get that typing with grammar can be too much for a lazy user (like me)
But when it get to the point where anyone is defending you, you need to be serious one way or another, so people can see how real you are.

message to :x-sugary-vaccine-x:
Now Sugary, even though that I basically called you a troll
I'm willing to give you a chance
If you able to draw something in your own style
and prove it, like a live stream or whatnot, Then people can believe what you say/do.
And if you want people to believe in you, you got to be serious on a specific topic.
I want to enjoy your art and be your friend cause you seem like a nice person.
So prove that you are not a troll by doing a Livestream/ or whatever.
If you do that, I'll be your first friend on DA and support you
If not, I'm still willingly to talk to you, to at least be your friend.
I'm alway online 24/7 (besides when I got works lol)

Mini Rant
Now I know that this rant should be on another rant, but I need to get this over with.
I'm gonna make a mini rant about KyrrahTW
Now, I like Kyrrah, I think she is a smart and talented girl who have a grateful future within her.
But what she did to my friend BluHibsicus is unforgivable
Ss+(2017-04-17+at+03.41.56) by naruto9988
Now before I go and rant about Kyrrah, I need to say something
When I saw this, I went to Blu discord and talk to her just to make sure that she okay
after awhile, she say this
Ss+(2017-04-17+at+04.38.55) by naruto9988
When I see this, I can felt my body getting really hot. But I'm gonna try to be mature about this
Now Kyrrah, if you somehow looking at this.
Why? I get that you were trying to Tell Blu that what Sugary is doing is unforgivable
But telling her "what is wrong with her" is not really being "mature"
I mean, If Blu like a specific user that doesn't mean that you have a right to tell that person to stop watching that user
That like me saying "HEY DON'T PLAY SONIC 06 BECAUSE IT SUX" even though I never played the game myself.
It not fair to anyone including to Blu that not like someone that you like
and that true....But you know who done the same thing?
A user that goes by the name :iconwhixo:
In case you don't know who this person is, goes to this journal:  Whixo and ViscerotonicTSF Rant NOTE: I'm gonna say this just to get it out of the way. I DON'T TAKE EITHER OF THESE SIDES. Not Whixo nor Vis, this is my word and my opinion only. Cause I know that after I post this, imma gonna get a bunch of butthurt comment. And I also gonna mention some people, or not, because I don't want them to be part of this, including when someone is tempted to leave DA because of this. It also a reason why I making this rant journal so people won't leave because of the drama that doesn't involve them. Without further ado, let get this over with.
Now, there has been a new drama about Vis, but this time, it about a newcomer named Whixo.
Now, I never heard of Whixo until XxKyrrah-WolfXx mention about a post, which is this:
And so, I'm gonna have a journal about this, because I want this to be solved.
But in order to have a fair rant, I'll be ranting both ViscerotonicTSF and Whixo.
Meaning, I'll will mention the good

If you don't want to see it, I'll tell you a small backstory
Whixo is a new user that just joined in like a few month ago, and draw some art (like everyone else should) but, he either reference ViscerotonicTSF art, or trace her art, or both.
Now everyone knows about Vis story when SHE traces some stuff.
and what did Kyrrah did about this?
She make fun of Vis when she being called out of being a tracer
Ss+(2017-04-17+at+04.56.04) by naruto9988
But when Whixo trace Vis art
Power Couple by Whixo
Vis and Arthur by ViscerotonicTSF
What did Kyrrah say?
Ss+(2017-04-17+at+04.03.28) by naruto9988
And she say to Blu "what is wrong with you"
Like Kyrrah, like I say before, I don't hate you nor I dislike your art
BUT when you say this kind of thing to people but you watching and commenting to the person that done the same thing that is not fair for Blu or anyone else.
Plus, it just seems weird how you dislike a recolor/tracer when you watching/comment positively to a user that done the same thing.
You have done this before when I make a rant or rather an "opinion" journal about you and vis, and what did you do?
You completely ignore your side of the Journal and worrying about the person that you hate journal
Again, how is that fair?
Now, I'm not gonna keep Talking about kyrrah because i want to keep this as a "mini rant"
But Kyrrah, please don't get mad when someone like a user that you hate, if people didn't called you out when Whixo trace Vis, why you should?
that basically made you a hypocrite.
I want you to be a bigger and mature person and i want you to think before you comment, otherwise people will call you being unfair to user.
I don't hate you Kyrrah, I just don't want you to be harass.
So please, please think before you say anything.

That all, thank you for reading and have a nice day!


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